Click to roder this. Portable X-Ray Flaw Detector

Portable x-ray flaw detector with ZY-2000/ZY-3000 control unit is design and produce by Zhong Yi
NDT Co., Ltd (Dandong Zhongyi Electronic Co., Ltd. )
The x-ray generator have several models from 100kv-350kv, controlled by ZY-2000/ZY-3000 micro
processor control unit, u
sed to show internal discontinuity of material fault or welding by radiographic
image showing on the film. Widely used in shipbuilding, machinery, manufacturing, aviation, railway,
pressure vessel, boiler and oil gas pipeline x ray inspection fields.

        1. Voltage isolation technology to  avoid interference by voltage changing.

2. High capacity module great improved service time.

3. Pressure indiction and fault shooting automatically.

4. Time Delayed fuction and ground anode design to keep operators safety.

5. 1:1 work and rest radio, eliminating disoperation.

6. High pure aluminum radiator improved 30% heat radiation to make the x ray generator cooling down
      faster and less heat inside.


X-ray generator




Connecting cable (10 cores) 25m


Power cable (2cores) 10m


Earthing wire 5m 






Accessory kit


Operation Manual