Shipping X-Ray Equipment by Air or Express Attentions

Thanks for choose ZHONG YI brand X-Ray Equipment.
lease read following radiographic equipment transportation attentions :

Product Inside Consist:
X -Ray Generator : SF6 gas , 0.45Mpa 
Pipeline Crawler Battery Pack: Lead-Acid Battery
Magnetic Controller: Lithium battery Inside                

1. \According to China Cargo Air transport regulations, NDT x-ray generator and battery pack is
restricted to take flight in China mainland city territory(except Hong Kong Region 
thus all x-ray machine and pipeline crawler 
 is transfer from Hong Kong  to  take  flight or expressage
Route as following :

                 X-Ray Machine                                      Pipeline Crawler 
                           \                                                                               \

   Cargo Flight Dandong-Hong Kong 3 days              Cargo Truck by Road Dandong-Hong Kong 8 days



              Take Flight / Express from Hong Kong
               Flight company/Express will inform pick up 

\As Express (DHL/FEDEX/TNT) branches obey different area government law, the express
branch in China can not send x-ray generator and battery by flight; so our company cooperate with Hong Kong express branches for  transportation .(Independent law in Hong Kong)

3.\For overseas EXW orders  client please attention above point and inform delivery agent in
advance.We suggest your agent check deail with  China/Hong kong branch first  if x-ray generator or
battery pack in your cargo packings.

For detail  express information please find at :
China DHL              Tel:+86 800-810-8000 / +86 400-810-8000(Mob)

Hong Kong DHL     Tel: +852 2400 3388   

China TNT              Tel:+86800-820-9868 / +86400-820-9800(Mob)    
Hong Kong TNT      Tel:+852 2331 2663

4.\All common cargo which has no x-ray generator or battery , it will take flight from Beijing 
or Hong Kong for convenience.