X-Ray Flaw Detector

ZY-HP High Frequency X-Ray Flaw Detector


ZY-HP High Frequency X-Ray Flaw Detector.jpg

High frequency x ray generator is newly design and produced by ZHONG YI NDT CO ,LTD. 

It adopt special transformer system, advanced operation system without assembling high voltage coil inside 

to achieve lower working heat radiation and lower failure rate. Setting adjustable tube current(1-3mA) for improving film definition and sensitivity. 



Power-on Time Delay Function: 0.0-9.9 min.

Automatic Training Function: extend equipment working life.

Protection Function: LA(No mA), HA(over mA), PU(over voltage), LU(lower voltage) and PT(over temperature) warning.

Self -Protection Function.

Equipped with key switch, to avoid exposure accidentally.

Exposure time delay function.

New produced  lighter generator and 8mm connecting cable for easy carry and moving at working site.

Inside adopt high power and high frequency advanced DC/DC transition system for reaching high stability,high anti-interference.

Strong anti-interference function  ,constant voltage, connected with DR static imaging system directly.

Working Cycle is 3:1 work and rest ratio.  





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