X-Ray Flaw Detector

450kv Industrial High Frequency Fixed X-Ray Machine



450kV high frequency X-ray machine selects high-quality metal ceramic tube matching high-voltage power supply and cooling products to provide the highest 6000W continuous working X-ray machine. It can provide a stable X-ray source for non-destructive testing, industrial CT, biological irradiation, thickness measurement, scientific research and other applications. 

The modulator of the ray machine adopts high-frequency double closed-loop control, no need to add auxiliary regulated power supply, overcome the interference and fluctuation of external network voltage through its own rectified power supply, and the imaging is stable.


It is not disturbed by the fluctuation of the on-site power supply and fully guarantees the stability of the radiation output dose. The bipolar power supply adopts dual modulator control, which fully overcomes the problem of voltage imbalance between two poles caused by single modulator control, and prolongs the service life of the tube. The whole machine has powerful protection functions, with kV and mA follow-up protection. For any kV and mA values, 1%-5% of the protection value can be set, and a slight discharge can achieve microsecond protection.


System Configuration

                                                    X-ray Tube 

                                                 X Ray Tube.jpg

Tube Voltage: 0-450kV

Tube Current: 0-10mA

Power: 900W/4500W

Focus Size: EN12543 d=2.5mm/d=5.5mm

Radiation Angle: 40°

Cooling Flow: 14L/min

                     High Frequency and High Voltage Generator

                                      High Frequency and High Voltage Generator.jpg

Cathode + Anode

Working Frequency: 40kHz

Maximum Power: 5000W

Ripple: 0.5%

Insulation Method: oil insulation

Maximum Current: 30mA

Power Supply: 230VAC(±10%), 50Hz

Operating Environment: 0-45℃, 60-90% RH no condensation

High Voltage cable: 7m

Power Cable: 10m




Control Cable: 20m

Operation Interface: Chinese and English switching

Focus: Large/small focus switch (in case of dual focus)

Voltage Setting and Control: 0~450kV, step size 0.1kV, accuracy ±0.1%

Current Setting and Control: 1~25mA, step length 0.1mA, accuracy ±0.1%

Exposure Time and Control: 0~99min

Automatic Training Machine: automatically select training program according to the downtime (not mandatory)

Exposure Parameter Memory: able to record the exposure parameters and recall them according to the record

Fault Protection and Alarm: over voltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, undercurrent, Arc (sparking) protection, high frequency inverter failure,cooler failure, interlock, over temperature failure




Cooling Power: 4500W (30℃)

Cooling Medium: oil (air cooling)

Flow Rate: 14L/min

Power Supply: AC 220V, 300W

Size: 705X535X730mm

Weight: 50kg

Output Connector: quick connector 1/4"

Flow Switch: 14l/min is not adjustable, below 4l/min, the signal is open

Thermostat: The start and stop temperature of refrigeration is adjustable, the factory setting is 50℃ alarm for oil cooler

Shutdown Delay Cycle: adjustable, factory setting 3min

Tubing: 2 pieces, 7m




Vertical lift: 600-1800mm

Tube rotation: 0-90°




X-ray Tube


High-voltage Cable


High Voltage Generator

1 Set

X-ray Machine Controller

1 Set

Radiation Warning System

1 Set

Cooling System

1 Set

Matching Cable

1 Set


1 Set

450KV.jpgworking field.png


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