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UTD9600 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector



The digital ultrasonic flaw detector is a portable ultrasonic flaw detector with A-scan, B-scan, automatic analysis and full-process continuous dynamic real-time recording of detection echo data. The equipment adopts advanced digital integration technology, Windows operating system, easy to operate, powerful, built-in industrial conventional standards can meet the various needs of process flaw detection. It can detect, locate, evaluate and diagnose various defects such as cracks, welds, pores, blisters, inclusions, folding, etc., quickly, conveniently, without damage, and accurately.


1. Using Windows operating system, easy to operate and powerful

2. A scan and B scan imaging

3. Continuous dynamic real-time recording of detection echo data and control parameters throughout the entire process, with a storage space of 32G

4. All-digital, ultra-bright sunlight color 7-inch South Korean Samsung LCD, the background color and brightness value can be set freely according to the environment

5. Digital jog dial, one-key operation

6. External U disk to realize data mobile management

7. High-performance security lithium battery, module plug-in type



Main Technical Automation Functions

●Automatic calibration: automatically test "probe zero", "K value", "leading edge" and "material sound velocity";

●Automatically display defect echo position (depth d, level p, distance s, amplitude, equivalent dB, aperture ф value);

●Freely switch three kinds of scales (depth d, level p, distance s) to meet the requirements of different inspection standards and the ruler usage habits of inspection engineers;

●Auto gain: automatically adjust the waveform to 80% of the screen height, which greatly improves the inspection efficiency;

●Automatically record the flaw detection process and can perform dynamic playback, and the recording time is unlimited;

●Automatic Φ value calculation: straight probe forgings to detect flaws, identify defects * high waves automatically convert the aperture Φ value;

●Automatic DAC, AVG curve automatic generation of sampling points is not limited, and can be corrected and compensated to meet any flaw detection standards;

●Automatically analyze and display playback parameters, and automatically generate flaw detection reports;


Flaw Detection Function:

●Dynamic recording: detect real-time dynamic recording waveform, store, and replay;

●B-scan, real-time scan, scan the cross section of defects;

●Echo envelope: real-time retrieval and recording of defects * high waves;

●Calculation of Φ value: straight probe forgings flaw detection to find defects * high wave automatic conversion;

●Defect location: real-time display of level value L, depth value H, sound path value S;

●Defect quantitative: real-time display of SL, EL, GL, RL quantitative values;

●Real-time display of hole-shaped defects Φ value;

●Defect characterization: automatically display defect size and location;

● Real-time clock recording. Track record of real-time flaw detection date and time, and store it

●Control interface. High-speed USB and RS232 interfaces provide transmission and printing


Data Storage

●100 independent flaw detection channels, free to input any industry flaw detection standards, convenient storage and recall;

●3000 flaw detection waveforms and data can be stored, recalled, printed, communicated and transmitted with the computer;

screen protector

●The screen can be turned off or subtitles can be displayed in standby, saving power and prolonging the service life;




Technical Parameter:


Working frequency: 0.420MHz, divided into wide and narrowband two gears;

Gain range: 0.0110.0dB. Step value: 0.1, 1.0, 2.0, 6.0dB;

Sound speed range: 30099999m/s. Continuously adjustable;

Detection range: 010000mm (steel longitudinal wave). Continuously adjustable, the minimum step value is 0.1mm;

Detection method: positive half wave, negative half wave, full wave, radio frequency;

Pulse shift: -458850mm;

Probe zero value: 099.9us;

Pulse repetition frequency: 251000Hz, automatic and manual adjustment modes;

Transmitting voltage: 25V250V, step value is 25V;

Working methods: single, double, penetrating;

Launch damping: 400, 100Ω;

Vertical linearity error: ≤2.5%;

Horizontal linearity error: ≤0.1%;

Sensitivity margin: >60dB (200Φ2 flat bottom hole);

Resolution:> 42dB (using 5P14 probe);

Dynamic range: ≥38dB;

Inhibition: (0-99)%, does not affect linearity and gain;

Power supply: two power supply methods: large-capacity lithium battery, no memory effect, continuous working for more than 6 hours;

Working time: more than 6 hours of continuous work (powered by lithium battery)

Environment temperature: (-1040)℃ (reference value)

Relative humidity: (2095)% RH

Dimensions: 250×180×60mm

Instrument weight: 1.5KG (including battery)




Standard Configuration


Instrument host

1 unit


Straight probe(2.5MHz, Φ20)



Oblique probe (2.5P, 13*13, K2)



Probe wire (C6-Q9)

2 pieces


Power adapter (charger)



Lithium battery



Portable operating belt



Mobile U Disk



Instruction manual, certificate of conformity, warranty card



Instrument carrying case





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