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GT-2 Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detector



GT-2  Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detector is full digital, color display and portable ultrasonic testing instrument, which is specifically designed for detecting on-site rails of 4375kg/m. 

It can detect various harmful flaws in the rail head, web and bottom and features of excellent expansibility, high reliable and efficient performance to meet challenging inspection requirements. The new probes’ arrangement is suitable for detecting long rails and the misoperation errors can be greatly reduced using high effective data processing. 

The on-site flaw data management has been greatly strengthened with two level management modes. The perfect electronic document can be realized with flaw, full work and dynamic recordings functions as well as communication function. 

The GT-2 is one of the key means for railway safety and marks an epoch in application.


Detecting Channels

10 channels

 (9 channels working in cycles and each channel transmitting or receiving respectively, 1 channel for verification)

Working Frequency



Total gain of 90dB, each channel can be adjusted independently

Dynamic Range

≤16dB when rejection is minimum;
2~6dB when rejection is maximum

Repetition Frequency

400Hz per channel

Waveform Display Mode

28 display modes can be selected including recommended mode and traditional mode

Detection Range

Auto, 43, 50, 60 and 75kg/m steps with software control and automatic set

Horizontal linear error


Vertical linear error


Gate Alarm Adjustment Mode

Front edge, width, threshold of alarm gate can be adjusted with software

Alarm Mode

Selectable real time, dual echoes from the screw holes or one of the two delay time modes

Gain Curve

Can be adjusted according to the user’s practical need

Dynamic Flaw Detection Ability

All artificial flaws in rail test block can be found and indicated using 0°, 37°and 70°probes

Power Supply

DC12V (Lithium battery pack)

Operating Time

Above 8 hours of continuous use


27kg including handcart, instrument, battery pack and charger



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