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AFD900 Rail Ultrasonic Flaw Detector



AFD900 Rail Ultrasonic Flaw Detector is a brand new digital barrow-style ultrasonic equipment of flaw detection.
It is used to detect all kinds of flaws in rail materials ranged from 43kg/m75kg/m. It is a new type of practical, dependable instrument of rail flaw detection.
This instrument fits in with the Railway Field Standard of People’s Republic of China TB/T 2340---2000 Technological Terms and Conditions of Multicenter A Scope Rail Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Instrument.
This machine mainly includes one main machine, probe and water tank. Above three parts are installed on the handcart.



1. Detecting Channels: 9 channels.
2. Working Frequency: 2MHz.
3. Repetition rate: 400 Hz (each channel).
4. Detection range: 0 ~ 200±4mm for 43kg/m and 50kg/m rail,0250±5mm for 60kg/m and 75kg/m rail.
5. Gain range: 0 ~ 80 dB.
6. Sensitivity Leavings: TB/T 2340---2000 standard.
7. Dynamic range: ≥30dB (restraining small), 2~6dB (restraining big)
8. Horizontal linear error: ≤2%
9. Vertical linear error: ≤5%
10. Attenuation error: less than 1dB per 20dB
11. Alarm Threshold level: >50% (A-I channels reflex alarm), <30% (0 degree or double 45 degree channel penetration alarm).
12. Alarm frequency: 70 degree channel: 250Hz (20 degree Angle oblique), 750Hz (direct); 37 degree channel: 500Hz; 0 degree channel: 1000Hz. Probe lapse alarm: 2000Hz, over rate alarm 2000Hz.
13. Number of files that can be saved: automatic storage file can save 60 days. Manual storage file can be 2000 pieces.
14. Time Dynamic pulse time: ≥60 minutes
15. Operation voltage: 18-26V
16. Power consumption: ≤ Machine can work about 10 hours continually.
17. Operation temperature: 30 to 50℃
18. Tank size: 20L
19. Weight: 25kg (without couplant)




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