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FY-Ⅱ Audible Radiometer


This radiometer is a wearable personal monitor. It is used  for detecting the level of X or γ radiation field, especially for the personal radiative detection.This instrument is highly sensitive , it can responsible for environment background radiation. There is sound light circuit. Repetition rate of sounding and flashing can indicates radiation lever. When radiation level exceeds set dose rate, a steady tone and light alarm will occur. Up to counter tube blocking and over, steady tone and light alarm will still occur. As this radio meter having property of lower power consumption,
small size and cheap, it has been used in many fields, It has passed the identification.

1. Detector; GM counter tube.
2. Suiting radiation field and measuring range; X, γ-ray, maximum permissible dose rate 5R/h.
3. Energy response: 30kev―60Co― 40% to 80%.
4. Sound and alarm: Each chirp sound for3.2, average chirp per second is approximately equal to 10mR/h. When radiation level exceed 1000R/h, up to counter tube blocking and over, a sound-light alarm will occur continuously.
5. Power  Supply: Two pcs  batteries , consumption 2mW, the batteries can be used continuously more than two month under background  situation.
6. Dimension:  95*55*20 (H*W*D)
7. Temperature: 0-40℃
8. Weight:100g

Work Principle
Detector generates ionization with X ,γray irradiation. After shaped and frequency divided, these pulses are sent to sound--light circuits, to occur steady tone and light alarm. Detector work voltage are applied by DC changer. To improve instrument energy response, detector is compensated specially.

The switch is set “on” then the instrument is in work. Turn off switch when measuring stops.

Self test: The instrument is proper when one chirp sound occurs at an interval of 2 ―8 minutes in the condition of background level, otherwise the radiometer must exchange battery, or there is some wrong.

Periodical test: At standard radiation level.



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