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Alarm Light


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Sound&light Alarm Light

The Alarm Light is used for radiation detection. It is set within its ray borders or prescribed area, in order to warn non-worker leave this area. This is a convenient lamp, and just use battery, it belong to small-size equipment. It also build be light and ABS plastic. Charging time is 12 hours, and usage time 4 hours. (Too cold or too hot will lower the using time)
1.Blinking alarm light, long battery life.
2. Well penetration, if uses in the night, you can feel the alarm light and sound from 2 km.
3. Alarm light and alarm sound could be used separately.
4. Low-voltage prevention circuit. When the battery is lower than 5.5V, the output circuit will stop.
5. You can see if the battery at the low voltage.
6. There is a battery-charging overtime protection circuit function.
7. The Handle is made by strong and corrosion-resistant stainless steel
8. It is easily to put one the tripod.
• Size: H: 160mm    Outer Diameter: 130mm        Hand: 200mm
• Battery: 6V*4A rechargeable battery
• Light: 2EA(6V 500mA)
• Weight: 1.42kg
• Charging: AC110V or 220V(7.2v)

4 in 1 Mini Alarm Light


Model: E01
Dimension: φ70X90mm
Voltage: DC3.6-4.5V

1. Consist of high light luminous diode,time circuit and chargeable battery, controlled by the switch next to the light.
2. Flash rate is 40-60 times/minute. don’t have sound.
3. Alarm light brightness turns lower and flash rate turns faster when power lower.
4.when make charging, please find power switch on the back of charger , press the switch to “I” and make charging. When stop charging, pull off the charging plug and press the switch to "O" .
5. 4 lights same time charging, 1 hour charging can support 8-10 hours work, longer charging time support longer time. Maximum Charging time is 5 hours.
6. The alarm light charge by appointed charger only, can’t use any other charger.



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