Radiographic Testing Accessories

4 in 1 Mini Alarm Light


4 in 1 Light.jpg

Dimension: φ70X90mm
Voltage: DC3.6-4.5V


1. Consist of high light luminous diode,time circuit and chargeable battery, controlled by the switch next to the light.
2. Flash rate is 40-60 times/minute. don’t have sound.
3. Alarm light brightness turns lower and flash rate turns faster when power lower.
4.when make charging, please find power switch on the back of charger , press the switch to “I” and make charging. When stop charging, pull off the charging plug and press the switch to "O" .
5. 4 lights same time charging, 1 hour charging can support 8-10 hours work, longer charging time support longer time. Maximum Charging time is 5 hours.
6. The alarm light charge by appointed charger only, can’t use any other charger.



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