Radiographic Testing Accessories

Alarm Light


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The Alarm Light is used for radiation detection. It is set within its ray borders or prescribed area, in order to warn non-worker leave this area.  

It build be light and ABS plastic. Charging time is 12 hours, and usage time 4 hours. 


1.Blinking alarm light, long battery life.
2. Well penetration, if uses in the night, you can feel the alarm light and sound from 2 km.
3. Alarm light and alarm sound could be used separately.
4. Low-voltage prevention circuit. When the battery is lower than 5.5V, the output circuit will stop.
5. You can see if the battery at the low voltage.
6. There is a battery-charging overtime protection circuit function.
7. The Handle is made by strong and corrosion-resistant stainless steel
8. It is easily to put one the tripod.


• Size: H: 160mm    Outer Diameter: 130mm        Hand: 200mm
• Battery: 6V*4A rechargeable battery
• Light: 2EA(6V 500mA)
• Weight: 1.42kg
• Charging: AC110V or 220V(7.2v)



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