Shipping X-Ray Equipment by Air or Express Attentions


Thanks for choose ZHONG YI brand X-Ray Equipment.

Please read following radiographic equipment transportation attentions :

Product Inside Consist:

X -Ray Generator : SF6 gas , 0.45Mpa

Pipeline Crawler Battery Pack: Lead-Acid Battery

Magnetic Controller: Lithium battery Inside

1、1-1-1.jpgAccording to China Cargo Air transport regulations,NDT x-ray generator and battery pack is restricted to take flight in China mainland city territory(except Hong Kong Region );

Thus all x-ray machine and pipeline crawler is transfer from Hong Kong to take flight or expressage . 

Route as following :

X-Ray Machine


Pipeline Crawler


                                           Cargo by Road Dandong-Hong Kong 5-6 days 


Take Flight / Express from Hong Kong

Flight company/Express will inform pick up

2、1-1-1.jpgAs Express (DHL/FEDEX/TNT) branches obey different area government law, the express

branch in China can not send x-ray generator and battery by flight; so our company cooperate with Hong Kong express branches for transportation .(Independent law in Hong Kong)

3、1-1-1.jpgFor overseas EXW orders client please attention above point and inform delivery agent in advance. We suggest your agent check deail with China/Hong kong branch first if x-ray generator or battery pack in your cargo packings.

For detail express information please find at :

China DHL Tel :+86 800-810-8000 / +86 400-810-8000 (Mob)

Hong Kong DHL :+852 2400 3388

China TNT Tel :+86 800-820-9868 / +86400-820-9800  (Mob)

Hong Kong TNT :+852 2331 2663

4、1-1-1.jpgAll common cargo which has no x-ray generator or battery , it will take flight from Beijing or Hong Kong for convenience.



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