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ZT30 Welding Roller


ZT30 Welding Roller


This control box is made of high quality material, which are not easy to corrode and seal well. It has speed adjusting knob at the top and digital display of rotation speed. The front two torsion switches have positive spin, reverse, fast and linkage four functions. There is an aviation plug hole at the bottom, plug in with the control line. Besides, the manipulator is magnetic, so it can be easily and flexibly used in the handheld process. Our company roller rack adopts the imported brand "taida" inverter, the performance is superior, the quality is stable, the whole nation is insured.

Maximum load    weight(t)30T
Diameter range(mm)700-4200(standard configuration)
Roller diameter,    width(mm)350*180
motor power(kw)2*1.5
Rotation speed(m/min)0.1-1
speed adjustment modeStep-less Frequency Conversion
Converter BrandTAIDA
Overall Dimensions2100*1060*910

Work Condition:

Altitude not over 1000m

Air Temperature:0℃ ~ 40℃

Air Humidity:not over 90%

Power Grid Fluctuating: ±10%

Grid frequency fluctuation: ≤±1%



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