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X Ray Unit Fixing Manetic Device



The patented device consists of pair of plastic rings, fitted on cylindrical body of X-Ray Unit symmetrically from the position of focal spot. 

Under the each ring situates the steel axis with lever and handle. 

At the opposite end of the lever connects flexible permanent magnets. At the top of the rings are standard screws for fixation the rings on the body of X-Ray Unit.


Operators can put the X-Ray Unit with device on the pipe above the weld as perpendicularly ,as parallel to the testing pipe, depends of free space around the place with weld.

For releasing the Unit from pipe it is enough to take the handles into hands and push the handles together to the sides and then lift up the Unit from the pipe.

For safety reason we recommend to fit on cylindrical body of the Unit between rings the collimator joint with open window in direction of weld. The size and shape of this window must correspond to the focal spot distance and size X-Ray film. This device allows to reduce significantly the intensity of backscattered radiation from testing pipe. 


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