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R-EGD Radiation Survey Meter


R-EGD radiation survey meter  is a kind of special device used to monitor X and gamma radiation dose rate of various radioactive workplace.The device has a quite large dose rate measuring range and it increases the function of the cumulative dose,which makes the device more extensive uses,be well received by the majority of users,especially health supervision department users.






Technical Parameters


G-M counter tube

Measuring range

Absorbed dose rate:0.01mSv/h to 99mSv/h

Absorbed dose:0mSv to 9999mSv

Energy range

50keV to 3MeV

Relative basic error

less than or equal to plus or minus 10%

Energy response error

less than or equal to plus or minus 20% (relative to 137Cs)

Measuring time


Display units

Dose rateSv/hCPM, Dose:uSv

Power consumption

Less than or equal to 60mW (Not including display backlight power consumption)

Power supply

3.7 V lithium battery,support for external power supply

Working temperature

0 to 50 degrees Celsius


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