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ZT-70B Pipe Endoscope


ZT-70B Pipe Endoscope Camera diameter is17MM,suitable for 18-300MM diameter pipe. Adopt imported LCD display, HD light-sensitive chips and high definition camera. Lights with night vision capabilities, adjustable brightness according to environment. High capacity rechargeable lithium battery, real time showing the energy situation. Camera outside use stainless steel to keep long term use.
Suitable for water pipe, air conditioner pipe, cable pipe ,building, and under ground pipe checking.

Charger100VAC-240VAC DC12.6V 1000MA
BatteryLithium battery 4500MA
Battery keep6 Hours
MaterialStandard configuration 20M(optional)/Flexible high strength fiber    pipe
Camera source6 pcs high light LED (adjustable)
Camera Angle140°
Camera Size100MM* 17MM / Stainless Steel
Camera Protective Cover Size20MM* 25MM
Camera PictureColor
Monitor Input Voltage12V DC
Store Temperature-30-80°
Aluminum box size390*320*150mm
Packing Size410*360*160mm
Net Weight4.5KG
Gross Weight5KG

1 Packing box 2 display 3 manual 4 protector 5 screwdriver 6 Charger 7 camera 8 battery 9 connecting cable 10 wire ring


ZT-QR35 Portable Bidirectional Rotating Endoscope


Pixel: 310000 pixels, image clarity
Left/Right turning available, camera 270°rotate,coil 360°rotate.
High brightness LED light,  brightness adjustable to make sure the clear lighting.
IP66 water proof design
Endoscope work with 1M coil,Max. extend to 5M

Display Screen Detail:
Image sensor 1/12"VGA color sensor
Pixel  720X525(N) /720X625(P)
Display screen 3.5"TFT LCD color display
camera lens and insert tube size Ø5.5mm x 1000mm
Angle of view 67°
Clear vision distance 1.5-10cm
Light: 4 LED white light source
Storage:2GB SD card
Video Output: AV OUT
Water/Oil Proof IP57
Battery: Rechargeable lithium 3.7V
Power: Input 100-240VAC   Output 5.5V VDC
Work Store Temp:  -20---60°C    Charging Temp : 0---40°C

ZT880-9  360° Rotating  Pipe Endoscope


1. Portable aluminum packing for protect the system.
2.  7 Inch high-definition color LCD display screen .
3. Low voltage wide illumination high-definition CCD camera, with 18 pcs LED white light, brightness adjustable.
4. Glass fiber flexible cable to free work in the pipe.
5. Battery power supply to ensure convenient outdoor working.
6. Built-in DVR  record function to make storage.

1. Display screen: 7 Inch 16:9 high-definition color LCD
2. Video System: PAL / NTSC (Adjustable)
3. Resolution: 800×3(RGB)×480
4. Menu Display: Letters
5. Image: color display
6. Video: one video input, one video output
7. Camera image sensor: 1/3"  color sony CCD chip
8. Camera horizontal definition: 600 line
9. Minimum illumination: 0Lux;
10. Rate current: white light open 300mA
11. Power Source: DC12V
12. Underwater visual range: 0 -3.5m
13. Camara: standard 3.6mm  92 °
14. LED Light: 18 pcs
15. Cable: 20M (20-120 optional)
16. Waterproofing grade: IP68
17. Work Temp: -10°C - +60°C
18. SNR ( Signal to Noise Ratio )≥48dB
19. Power consumption: around 2 W

ZT-CR110-7W Industrial Endoscope


Display Screen :

7 Inch LCD


12 pcs LED white light
Brightness adjustable
Out diameter 2.3 CM
Stainless steel material
110°Visual wide-angle
Anti rust waterproofing


SVC-50 Pipe Endoscope


Camera: out diameter 50mm, 180°overturn, 360°rotating, water proof. High light LED supply, brightness adjustable.
Color LCD display screen.
Quick take photos,video and storage, 16G SD Card.
Cable length 20m, extend available, cable diameter 5.5, 7mm. Custom made available
Optional working with 6mm, 16mm, 23mm, 29mm and 40mm straight probe.

1. Color rotating camera:
 Chip: 1/3" color CCD  resolution 480000 pixel;
 Light:LED white light.
2. Monitor Screen: 8 Inch LCD ,500cd/㎡ high light, resolution640*480
3. Storage: Video storage module, 16G SD card
4. Cable and cable spool: 5.5,7m, standard 20m.
5. Power Supply: Re-chargeable lithium battery,operate time 4-6 Hours


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