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LK3600 Radiation Dosimeter


LK3600 personal radiation alarm dosimeter is a kind of small-scale equipment, with strong anti-interference ability. 

It is mainly used to detect χ ray, γ ray and βray, according to LCD screen you can directly read the "RATE"; "DOSE" and "STORE DOSE". 

In the range of measurement, the value can be pre-fixed or threshold pre-alarmed, it would emit sound-light alarm when the value displayed exceed the threshold or blocked, prevent workers from being injured by excessive dose. 

The instrument is low power consumption, multi-function, small size, convenient taking. It is widely used in NDT, nuclear power station, nuclear submarine, isotope application and hospital cobalt treatment etc.

Technical Performances

1.Through G-M counter compensation, improve the low-energy response.
2.Instrument with high sensitivity, will respond to the natural environment.
3.For radiation occasions γ, χ ,βrays.
4.Measuring range, dose rate: 0.000usv/h—5msv/h, accumulated dose: 6-digit LCD display 000.000—999.999msv
5.Energy response: <±30% (50KeV—1.3MeV).
6.Relative basic error: <±10%(137Cs Source 662 KeV γ Radiation 1msv/h).
7.Alarm response time: ≤3 seconds.
8.Dose rate threshold alarm: alarm threshold value: 0.5,1.0,2.5,10,30,50usv/h.
9.With accumulated dose memory function, after power-failure, data can be stored permanently, it can undertake 1 million times storage and erased.
10.Battery voltage indication.  


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