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                                                                            DJ-6B Holiday Detector

Holiday detector DJ-6B is a high-voltage special detector that is used to detect the quality of metal ati-corrsion coating.
This detector can detect different thickness of coatings, such as glass lining, glass reinforced plastic, epoxy coal tar, rubber lining and so on. The detector will emit bright sparks and with sound alarm when something is wrong with the coating, such as the emergence of pinhole, air bubbles, fissures and cracks.
As powered by Ni-MH battery, and with small size and light weight, it is especially suitable for field operation. The detector is the essential tool used for detecting the quality of metal anti-corrosion coating and can be used widely in many industries including chemical, petroleum, rubber and ceramic, due to its sophisticated design and stable & reliable performances.


Applicable detection thickness0.05 ~ 10mm
Output High-voltage0.5kv~30kv (stepless and continually adjustable)
Direct indication of output high-voltage
Power consumptionAbout 6W
Volume of main detector220×130×88 mm
Instantaneous bootand automatic shutdown
3–digit LCD displays output voltage, and with all-touch panel
AlarmDual alarm with earphone and buzzer
Back light

Accessories (packing list)

Holiday Detector1set
High-voltage probe1 piece
Probe brush2 pieces
Connecting rod1 piece 
 Earphone1 piece 
Back strap1 piece
Fuse2 piece
Manual1 copy
Warranty Card and Certificate of Conformity1 copy
External packing box1 piece
Earthing wire1 piece
Charger1 set 

Note: Arc brush and circular probe are selectable (any length)


                                                                                  SL-68A Holiday Detector

Technical Indicators
1 .Measuring range : A type:0.03-3 .5mm(with epoxy coal tar as a medium)
Type B :3.5-10. Mm ( petroleum bitumen as medium )
2.The output pressure : A type :0.5-15KV Type B :15-36KV

3.Display : digital
4 .High-pressure control system: Full digital control
5. The DC power supply : 12V
6 . Power consumption : <5W
7 .Alarm delay :1- 2 seconds
8 . High pressure gun : Imported high-voltage generator
9 . Packing: aluminum box
10 .The host size : 165mm × 155mm × 68mm
11 . Weight : 1.5kg ( with battery )


1Host1 pcimage005.jpg
2High Pressure Probe1 pcimage007.jpg
3Plate Brush1 pcimage009.jpg
4Charger1 pcimage011.jpg
5Long Grounding Wire1 pcimage013.jpg
6Short Grounding Wire1 pcimage015.jpg
7Connecting Magnet1 pcimage017.jpg
8Earth Rod2 pcimage019.jpg
9High pressure Gloves1 pcimage021.jpg
10Manual1 pc 
Note:  Standard list is plate brush, client can also choose Sector/Roundness/Ring Shape brush.



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