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Autonomous-Panoramic -X-Ray-Apparatus with Transport Trolley




This device is applyed for transportation and positioning in front of the weld on the axis of the pipeline of the panoramic x-ray apparatus  0,3 SBK 200 P RRC powered by accumulator batteries and operated by Radio Remote Control .


The trolley is equipped:

● a removable side-view mirror and a laser pointer that provides accurate positioning of the X-Ray Unit focal spot in the plane of the inspected circular weld.

● Two easily removable batteries packed in hermetic cases. They provide a sufficiently large volume of energy for trolley equipment. Low-voltage power supply provides absolute electrical safety of operation.

● Economical and bright led lighting in the surrounding space in the pipe. It does not blind the operator.


● Convenient handle for moving the trolley along the pipe and an effective mechanical brakes that ensures reliable trolley fixation on slopes in the pipe.

● Collimator device narrows the working X-Ray diagram of the panoramic X-Ray Unit to the minimum requirement width. This reduces the backscattered diffused radiation from the pipe and makes the work of operator with the device radiation safer.

 Radio Remote Control allows the operator to always be removed at a safe distance before switch on the X-Ray radiation.The trolley is easily assembled and disassembled without any tools on seperate parts with weight less than 15kg each. 

This allows one operator to transfer them in field conditions. 


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