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X-Ray Unit Fixing Patented Chain



The patented chain type device for fixing the X-ray unit of apparatus

0.3 SBK 160 and  0.3 SBK 200

on small size pipes(φ20÷159mm) for X-ray testing circular welds at

geometry X-type –four exposures×90°

and ellips type-two exposures ×90°

The device consists from three separated parts:

a) removable handle for X-ray Unit with pin and button for fixing X-ray unit on device

b) pipe with joint for fixing and adjusting the distance between focal spot of X-ray unit and X-ray film

c) clamps with chain for fixing the device on testing pipe.



The order of device assembly on the testing pipe


1. Put on and fix clamps ( c )with chain around the testing pipe close to testing weld on this pipe.

2. Put on and fix by lever the open end of pipe with joint (b) on clamps with chain ( c ) .

3. Take the handle with X-ray Unit ( a ) and insert the pin of handle into the joint socket. Process of removing X-ray Units runs in back order.



The device gives to the operator some axis of freedom for right adjusting the position of X-ray Unit radiation diagram relatively the testing weld: distance, direction of radiation around the testing pipe, angle between axis of diagram and plane of the testing circular weld, position the X-ray Unit parallel or perpendicular to the testing pipe.


You can assemble the device with the X-ray Unit in convenient operator configuration.

The operator fixes the X-ray film on the pipe test weld from the opposite position of the focal spot.


Then the operator goes away on safe distance from X-ray Unit and switch on the first exposure by RRC or Remote Control Block.


After completing the exposure operator returns back to the device and removes the X-ray film and fix next one at the new position. 

After that operator changes the position of X-ray Unit by releasing the clamps and rotating the device around the pipe and fixes it by clamps again in new positon.


After testing this weld on the pipe, the operator takes the X-ray by the handle and by pressing the handle button releases from the device and puts it in a convenient place. Then the operator released the clamps and removes the chain from the pipe.


The operator transfers the device to the next place of testing the weld on the pipe. 

And again puts on in the order described above. When the operator fixes the device on a new weld, he brings in the x-ray unit and puts on as described above. 

The device is ready for x-ray testing the next weld.


Also we recommend to use our Collimator joint with laser beam centrator fitted on x-ray unit for adjusting the direction of radiation directly on the testing weld.


Reducing the angles of the radiation diagram by the collimator joint will provide a significant reduction in the intensity of the scattered x-ray radiation affecting the operator and the environment at the same exposure parameters on the film and allows to increase the safety zone for the operator.


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