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Stationary X Ray Apparatus



This family of apparatus is designed for work in stationary conditions in X-ray laboratories and protection cabinets. They are used for classic radiography, X-ray real time TV system and in industrial tomography.

The apparatus is available in three modifications with different types of X-ray tubes with different focal spot sizes and, accordingly, different anode power at the X-ray tube:



Apparatus name

The focal spot size, mm

Maximum anode power, W


0,2 SBK 200 S

0,5 x 0,6



0,3 SBK 200 S

0,8 x 0,8



0,6 SBK 200 S

2,0 x 2,2



At all three X-ray tubes anode target is reflective type, with tungsten and radiation filtration with 2 mm aluminum equivalent. 

The working radiation diagram is conical with angles at the vertex 60°x 40°.


In agreement with the customer, it is possible to create a narrowed diagram by putting a special collimator joint on the X-ray unit body.


The apparatus can operate at full anode power continiously. X-ray unit is cooled with forced air flow. The X-ray unit can operate in any position.


The apparatus can be controlled in two different modes:

✔From the Remote Control Block with cable;

✔From interface RS-485.


This apparatus provides a high stability of output radiation, so it can be used in X-ray television systems and industrial tomographs. In this case, the apparatus is used with control from the RS 485 interface. The Power and Control Block has a connector for connecting an external lock of protection cabinet door.


Operating temperature range of the system     0℃ + 40℃

X-ray Unit dimensions                                780 x 190 x 150 mm

X-ray Unit weight                                                 10.8 kg

Power and Control Block dimensions          280 x 260 x 160 mm

Power and Control Block weight                           5.5 kg

Remote Control Block dimensions            155 x 100 x 30 mm    

Remote Control Block weight                               0.4 kg

Power supply from AC main                 100 ÷ 240 V 50 ÷ 60 HZ   



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