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Webster Hardness Tester



Webster Hardness Tester is an instrument that can promptly on-site test the hardness of aluminum alloy material, including section bar,tubes,

plates,aluminum parts,and hardness of other soft mental. It is such an instrument convenient in usage, with a simple “clamp” and direct result-reading, that it always receives good feedback of high efficiency and strong stability.

Using Scope:

Especially suitable in production site,sales site or construction site for quickly testing on bulk products with non-destructive
quality inspection piece by piece.
Besides aluminum alloy material, it is also suitable to test red copper, brass, soft copper etc.



* W-20:General Model, suitable for common aluminum materials;
* W-20A:Suitable for aluminum materials with thickness ≤13mm;
* W-20B:Suitable for aluminum tube with inner dia.≥6mm;
* W-B75:Suitable for brass tube, brass strip;
* W-BB75:Suitable for red copper tube, red copper strip;
* W-B92:Suitable for soft stainless steel, cold-rolled strip.


* Indenter: Re-engineerred with advanced material and new production technology manufactured, higher hardness, long service life,
  good interchangeability;
* Indicator Hand: High strength indicator hand, less likely to be bent by long-term using or mis-operation;
* Dial Glass: High strength, high toughness, uneasy to be broken or scratched;
* Handle: Forged aluminum alloy handle with fine anodized finishing, high resistance to abraision and stain;
* Hardness Blocks: Tested by standard Rockwell hardness tester, attached with test report;
* Good Stability: Stable full scale point, stable calibration point, indicator never glides;
* Easy Conversion: Results can be converted to Vickers, Rockwell and Brinell.



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