Hardness Tester

HRX-45-150DX Digital Double Rockwell Hardness Tester



Digital Double Rockwell Hardness Tester, based on the mechanical principle of conical diamond or hard alloy indenter pressing into the sample surface to produce indentation, realizing the material hardness measurement by measuring the depth of the indentation. Capable of inspecting the finished or semi-finished parts of the machined sample, it is suitable for high accuracy hardness testing for batches parts with various metal or non-metallic materials. According to statistics, Rockwell hardness testing is the most widely used hardness testing method in metal processing industry, which utilization ratio is more than 70%. 

With novel appearance, stable performance and integration of electro mechanical integration and touch screen, it can be tested on the hardness of all rockwell and surface rockwell scale. It is widely used in metal processing and manufacturing, various metal material’s failure analysis and other fields like colleges and research institutions, and it is the sophisticated detection equipment to test the Rockwell hardness of metal and other materials.


Widely used for high-precision hardness testing for parts with a variety of metal and non-metallic materials

Mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products, high test efficiency;

 Option for various specifications of the indenter, support many types of Rockwell hardness scales testing;

 Equipped with high-speed thermal printer, quickly print out the test data;

Support the conversion among various hardness scales such as Brinell, Vickers and etc;

Adopt touch screen display interface, display operation integration, simple and intuitive, the technical requirements of the operator is not high;

With RS-232C interface, serial communication with the computer for the user to expand the function; 

Equipped with excellent performance of the carbide indenter or diamond indenter, high hardness, wear resistance, good toughness, with high temperature, corrosion resistance, accurate measurement, stable and reliable;

The use of automatic closed-loop pressure sensor control system, showing the instantaneous force value, can dynamically reflect the loading process load changes;

With the error value correction function, the hardness value of the error can be corrected by key input, the hardness value more accurately meet the test requirements;

With threshold overrun automatic alarm function, apply to the bulk of finished products or semi-finished pieces of paper-by-piece detection;

Original environment temperature real-time display function, to avoid the instrument in the case of high or low temperature for a long time, otherwise it will lead to increased test error, the instrument life is reduced;

Consistent with GB / T230.1 GB / T230.2, JJG112, GB / T230.2 ISO 6508-2, ASTM E18 and other relevant domestic and foreign standards.



HRX-45-150DX Digital Double Rockwell Hardness Tester

Surface preliminary testing force


Preliminary testing force


Surface testing force

15kgf(147.1N), 30kgf(294.2N), 45kgf(441.3N)

Testing force

60kgf(588N), 100kgf(980N), 150kgf(1471N)

Measuring range

HRA:20-96HRB:20-100HRC:20-70HRD:40-77HRE:70-100HRF:60-100 HRG:30-94HRH:80-100HRK:40-100

Surface measuring range


Indentor specification

Diamond cone rockwell pressure indentorΦ1.5875mm steel ball indenter

Duration time


Rockwell scale

Rockwell scale, surface Rockwell scale

Testing Force Application Mode

Automatic loading (preliminary test force needs manual loading)


High sensitivity touch screen

Conversion scale


Indication error


Maximum height of specimen


Distance of Indenter to outer wall


Power supply




Main unit weight



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