Film Processor Dryer

ZY-350 NDT Economical Industrial X Ray Film Dryer


1 machine cover 2 power switch 3 heating air 4 drying axle rack 5 drive motor

6 sending sheet plate 7 power outlet 8 overflow outlet 9 drain port 10 inlet electromagnetic valve interface

Working principle

According to the principle of the baking sheet of the fully automatic washing machine, put the hand washed film on the sheet feed plate. After the film sensor detects the film, the machine's transmission mechanism begins to run and will automatically send the film into the dryer, and the PTC drying component below starts to blow the hot air directly onto the film, and the film is dried by drying the suction shaft. After the water absorption and hot air blow drying, the film is taken directly from the chip outlet. The whole process can only be obtained for 45 seconds, and the staff can get a dry film directly to evaluate the film.

Technical parameter

1. dry sheet flow: →water washing → drying

2. delivery width: 360mm

3. running time: 60S per (14 "X17")

4. dry weight: 8 x 350mm (4 * 14), 270 pieces per hour.

5. power: 200-240V 50/60Hz 5A

6. water consumption: 2 liters / minutes of film operation

7. volume: 570 x 320 x 395 x (long * width * height)

8. weight: net weight 21Kg, gross weight: 26Kg (including packing).



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