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ZY-21 Manual Thermostatic Film Developing Machine


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ZY-21 manual thermostatic film developing machine is made of high-quality ABS hard plastic board. 

The whole machine has beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, flexible movement, stable performance and long service life.

The developing tank can be used for cooling and heating,the fixing tank can heat, and the built-in liquid medicine circulation function ensures the temperature of the liquid medicine is evenly distributed and maintains a constant temperature.

Red light,timer,digital liquid temperature display, and film viewer are located at the control panel,greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators and guarantees the quality of film processing. Especially for users who work in the field and users who use non-destructive testing engineering vehicles, the use of this machine has its special excellence and practicability.



1060×690×1150 mm

Developing Tank Size and Capacity


(L×W×H)340×135×550mm   25L

                   (About 6 Gallons)

Stop Display Tank Size and Capacity


(L×W×H)340×135×550mm   25L 

                   (About 6 Gallons)

Fixing Slot Size and Capacity

(L×W×H)340×220×550mm   41L 

                    (About 10 Gallons)

Rinse Tank Size and Capacity

(L×W×H)340×220×550mm   41L 

                     (About 10 Gallons)

Developing Temperature


050℃ adjustable, can be cooled or heated

Fixing Temperature

~50℃ adjustable

Cooling Speed



Heating Rate



Control Precision



Uniform Temperature



AC Power


220V  50Hz


Cooling 500W Heating 2×800W

Adapt to Ambient Temperature







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