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Industrial X Ray Film Processor

Automatic film professor is new generation product with super digital display board and the microcomputer control system. Widely used for various pipelines and pressure vessels in the fields of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace and etc.


Specially designed stop sink greatly improves the fixing liquid effect, especially suitable for a large number of film processing.

Infrared sensor control system, countdown function when feeding in, ensures safe film sending Built-in infrared auxilary operation, transfers film more accurately. Dupont materials of high strength type roller groups, transfers various size film.

The countdown monitoring function can finish the circulation in one minute and enter the standby mode automatically, make the film process fluently. Timing operation can reduce the roller surface crystallization, effectively activate circulation system.


Gap bridge direction can be adjusted to avoid film stuck. Processing liquid can automatically cycle and replenish to keep the liquid fresh Professional prototype drying duct system makes the both sides of the film with no water print. 


1. Dense array structure of Thomas shaft, ensure to transmit various sizes of film.

2. Time running reduce crystallization of roller surface, and effectively activate circulation system 

3. Independent design of rear wing across the bridge, in order to keep the soup from splashing, without blocking the film

4. Adjustable interval, Thomas of the distance from the axis group structure, avoid the different bases of the film producing creasing phenomenon.

5.Professional the prototype of the duct drying system, make the film two sides can be even by the wind, not produce the water mark.

6. Microcomputer program control, stable and reliable.

7. Large digital display panel, the atmosphere, concise, focus each function on a suit, just switch it on ,you can callout various data , check and adjust, clear, simple and easy.


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